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Land Degradation Case Studies 07 - Chile

by Carmen Tedesco last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:41 AM
Contributors: F. Santibáñez, L. Berry (Editor)

This paper is part of a series of case studies, which attempt on a pilot country basis to examine the costs of land degradation (INCI). This stage of the work involves a desk analysis of: • Impacts of land degradation • Costs of land degradation • Costs of land improvement measures • Costs of policy reform and institutional development. In one region of Chile in general there is reasonable, though not comprehensive, information on the impacts of land degradation and a good assessment base of the proximate and root causes. Linkages with poverty are well established. There is much less information on the impact on the ground of these actions. It is clear that the impact of land degradation is a drain on economic growth in rural areas and has an affect on national economic growth patterns. Investment in remedial action is hard to quantify, but appears an order of magnitude smaller than the scope of the problem. Actual in country joint assessment with national stakeholders will be necessary to provide specific analysis of the countries concerned.

Author(s): F. Santibáñez , L. Berry (Editor)

Location: Chile

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