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Liberia Environmental Threats And Opportunities Assessment (ETOA) Final Report

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Contributors: Jim Seyler
USAID/Liberia, Office of Economic Growth

USAID/Liberia is currently transitioning from emergency relief to development. The Mission's Office of Economic Growth, which encompasses natural resource management and biodiversity activities, is crafting a new strategy to reflect the changing times. Pressures on Liberia's forests, biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystems are increasing. At the same time there are growing opportunities for USAID to collaborate with other donors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies that are acquiring new mandates and competencies, and the private sector. These factors led the Mission to decide that an Environmental Threats and Opportunities Assessment (ETOA) was warranted. An ETOA goes beyond, yet incorporates, a 118-119 analysis. An ETOA describes the range of environmental impacts from human activities across the spectrum of sectors: green (forests, agricultural systems), brown (urban, industrial systems) and blue (marine and freshwater systems). Although the ETOA’s primary purpose is to contribute to the development of the Mission’s new strategy, USAID/Liberia saw the ETOA as more than a simple, standalone product, and chose to make it a proactive mechanism to build the capacity of Liberian institutions to undertake environmental monitoring, as well as raise awareness of the importance of monitoring and adaptive management within the Government of Liberia, USAID and other key stakeholders. The ETOA report is divided into three sections; a State of the Environment Report, Actions Necessary and Planned to Conserve Tropical Forests and Biodiversity (Tropical Forests and Biodiversity Report - Foreign Assistance Act Sections 118/119), and an Environmental Data Collection, Monitoring and Adaptive Management Plan.

Author(s): Jim Seyler

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