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MCC & NRM Open Forum FRAME Discussion Summary

by Carmen Tedesco last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:34 AM
Contributors: FRAME/IRG

The NRM indicator (which turned into two NRM indicators) is a small piece of the overall set of indicators MCC uses, making it challenging to cover the broad set of issues that the NRM community cares about. The indicators need to be as objectively measurable as possible and the cost of data collection must be viable for whoever commits to collecting it. Furthermore, the data should ideally to show changes that don't take decades to become apparent. "Progress" should be visible in a reasonable policy timeframe. The indicators are collected by independent third parties along a common format across countries. The organizations collecting them already build in for variations between countries, but the core criteria in coming up the indicators should be the same across countries.

Author(s): FRAME/IRG

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