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The digital stereo-orthophoto in the elaboration of thematic maps

by Carmen Tedesco last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:41 AM
Contributors: Jáuregui Manuel, Jáuregui Luis, Chacón Leira, Vílchez José

For the elaboration of thematic maps it is necessary to have the information on specific aspects of the terrain (land use, vegetation, geomorphology, etc.), which have to be correctly georeferenced. The stereo-orthophoto is a valuable tool for the elaboration of thematic maps. A stereo-orthophoto is composed by a pair of images, an orthophoto and an associated image named stereomate that allow its visualization in three dimensions. The stereo-orthophoto has the advantage that can be used for the extraction of terrain information through photointerpretation. Additionally, all the information delineated on the orthophoto is correctly georeferenced. The stereo-orthophoto can be integrated into a GIS as a layer of basic cartography and the thematic information of the terrain can be added in additional separated layers in order to produce a geo-spatial database of the area. The purpose of this paper is to show the usefulness of the stereo-orthophoto in the elaboration of thematic maps of the terrain surface, which can be integrated into a geo-referenced database or GIS.

Author(s): Jáuregui Manuel , Jáuregui Luis , Chacón Leira , Vílchez José

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