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NRIC Complete Archive/Alphabetical Order

by Rose Hessmiller last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:52 AM
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File A conceptual approach to the conservation and management of natural forests in sub-Saharan Africa (arid and semi-arid forests and woodlands). 1991 This document is designed to increase the understanding of host country and bilateral partner personnel of the importance of natural forest management. It argu... NRIC, DocType: Technical
File A Framework for Action on Water and Sanitation Water and Sanitation: Key Issues and Challenges Health, CBNRM
File A framework for analyzing socioeconomic, health and environmental impacts of wastewater use in agriculture in developing countries The paper presents an approach for analyzing the socioeconomic, health, and environmental aspects of urban wastewater use in peri-urban agriculture, using typic... CBNRM
File A Mesoamerican and Caribbean geospatial alliance (MACGA): Project proposal presented to the Global Development Alliance, 30 April 2003 This document is a proposal written in search of funding for a project to support the integration and sharing of geographic information system (GIS) data for th... NRIC, CBNRM
File A new agenda for forest conservation and poverty reduction: Making forest markets work for low-income producers This paper lays out a set of strategies to promote forest conservation in ways that positively contribute to local livelihoods and community development in low-... NRIC, Sustainable Land Management, Forest Trends, Poverty Reduction, Forest Conversion, Community-based Forest Management (CBFM), Co-Management
File A new approach to sustainable tourism development: Moving beyond environmental protection. Natural Resources Forum, Vol. 27:212-222 This article focuses on the economic development of the tourist industry in developing countries. The author's emphasis is on a pro-poor approach to tourism at ... DocType: Periodic Publication, NRIC
File A protocol for participatory inventories of timber and non-timber forest products in Cameroon II: Refining the methodology The objective of this report is to streamline the inventory methodology used to conduct village-level surveys of timber and non-timber forest resources for the ... Community-based Forest Management (CBFM), NRIC, Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE)
File A review of CBFM enterprise development This paper reviews the successes and failures of People’s Organizations (POs) of the Philippines in accessing capital for their forest enterprises, and their ... Community-based Forest Management (CBFM), NRIC
File A shared vision: Evaluation of the collaborative community forestry initiative for northern Ghana The goals of CCFI were to instill community forestry in selected locations, establish tree nurseries, train community members in nursery and project management,... Community-based Forest Management (CBFM), NRIC
File A sustainable tourism framework for the Caribbean PowerPoint slides for presentation given at the World Ecotourism Conference. This presentation focused on policy framework and implementation for sustainable to... NRIC, DocType: Meeting Materials
File A technical assessment of natural forest management activities in Niger This report presents an assessment of the technical activities implemented under management plans developed for natural forest sites in western Niger. NRIC, DocType:Evaluation/Assessment
File A world of learning in coastal management: A portfolio of coastal resources management program experience and products. 2002 Booklet and CDROM offering a look at projects implemented and documents produced under the USAID/University of Rhode Island Coastal Resources Center partnership... NRIC, Coastal Resources Management Program (CRMP), FRAME, DocType: Report, Health, Co-Management, Education, Training: Coastal Management
File Accessing opportunities in scientific, academic, volunteer and educational (SAVE) tourism in the north coast and bay islands, Honduras This report presents findings on the potential for attracting scientific, academic, volunteer and educational (SAVE) tourists to the North Coast and Bay Islands... NRIC, CBNRM
File Achieving integration in coastal management: The challenge of linking national and local levels of government. Achieving integration in coastal management: The challenge of linking national and local levels of government. Korea Observer NRIC, CBNRM
File Across portfolio learning in integrated coastal management: Summary of workshop proceedings. Across portfolio learning in integrated coastal management: Summary of workshop proceedings NRIC, DocType: Factsheet
File Afghanistan area weather and climate products. 2002 Afghanistan area weather and climate products. [PowerPoint] NRIC, DocType: Meeting Materials
File African Voices: A newsletter on democracy and governance in Africa This newsletter contains brief treatments of two themes relevant to the role of democracy and governance programs in promoting natural resource management. NRIC, Sustainable Land Management, Gender, Women in Development, USAID, Health, CBNRM, Co-Management, DocType: Periodic Publication
File AIDS epidemic update This annual publications reflects the current knowledge and understanding of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and reports estimates as to the number of people living with ... NRIC, DocType: Report
File AIMS building information management capacity 2004 annual report This document provides background, implementation, and substantive results of the Afghanistan Information Management Service (AIMS) project in 2004. NRIC
File Ajos Bavispe National Forest and Wildlife Refuge, Mexico. Site description of a Parks in Peril location This document provides a threats analysis of the park and lays out the conservation strategy to be followed by The Nature Conservancy to improve the park's mana... NRIC, DocType: Report
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