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Katoomba 2009 XV Event-Ghana: PES in West Africa: An Online Resource for Students and Practitioners

by Portal Web Editor last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:59 AM
Contributors: Steve Zwick, Michael Richards
The 15th Katoomba Meeting generated nearly 20 hours of dialogue and debate on how to incorporate the value of nature's services into West Africa's economy – which is poised to receive an influx of oil wealth that could have devastating consequences if poorly managed. Now these discussions, featuring more than 50 of West Africa's leading practitioners, policy-makers, and theorists in the field, are available for free on the Ecosystem Marketplace.


Katoomba XV took place in Accra, Ghana at the end of the first week of October. It was Africa's fourth Katoomba Meeting and West Africa's first – and it came as more and more local conservationists were beginning to identify payments for ecosystem services (PES) as a valuable mechanism in promoting sustainable development where conventional approaches to natural resource management and conservation had failed.

More than 200 people attended the "Public Meeting" that comprised the first two days of the event, and 78 were invited to the Private Meeting, which comprised the third and fourth day.

Learning about PES in West Africa

Leading up to Katoomba XV, Ecosystem Marketplace produced a series of feature articles designed to shed light on issues being discussed at the event. You will find links to these articles to the right.

These articles were incorporated into brochures that were distributed at the meeting, along with more technical literature generated through focus groups convened in the weeks leading up to Katoomba XV. These are all available for download to the right.

Streaming Content and Presentations

In order to make the content of Katoomba XV available to as wide an audience as possible, we tried to record every panel discussion and asked presenters to provide us with PDFs of their presentations. These are available for public use below.

The panel discussions are posted in their entirety, including questions from the audience, in mp3 format. You can either listen to them online or download them to your own device.

The PDFs of individual presentations within the panel discussions are posted individually below the mp3s. We have also provided summaries of key presentations to help you navigate this page.

Members of the media are free to quote from the presentations below, but we ask that you please accredit the Fifteenth Kattomba Meeting in Accra, Ghana as the venue where the statements were made.

Due to intermittent power outages, the quality is sketchy in parts, and some presentations contain small gaps. We apologize for these disturbances and trust that you find this a valuable resource nonetheless. We also welcome feedback on how to make future Katoomba meetings more accessible to a wider audience.

Contact EM Editor Steve Zwick at with feedback.


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