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Alternative Library Thematic Layout

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Thematic Categories 

 NRM Portals/ Newsletters 

Ecosystems and Natural Resources 

  Coastal and Marine
  Land, Deserts and Dry lands
  Human Ecology

 Management Approaches 

  Nature Wealth and Power
  Forest Management
  Parks and Protected Areas
  Community Based NRM
  Sustainable Tourism
  Water Resources and Watershed Management
  Climate Change
  Natural Disasters
  Biofules and NRM
  Pollution Prevention


  Conflict Management
  Trans-boundary NRM
  International Treaties
  Environmental Regulations
  Land Tenure and Property Rights
  Recource Access

Research and Monitoring 

  Environmental Trends Analysis
  Maps & Geographic Information Systems
  Socio Economic Data
  Case Studies
  Success Stories and Stock Taking

Environmental Economics and Economic Tools 

  Resource Economics
  Financial Instruments
  Value Chain Governance
  Life Cycle Costing
  Trade and Investment
  Green Accounting


  Agro forestry and Soil & Water Conservation
  Extractive Resources
  Natural Products and Livelihoods
  Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Livelihoods

Social Issues Gender and NRM
  Health and Environment
  Indigenous People and NRM
  Population and Environment

Tools for NRM Organizations KM & Knowledge Sharing Tools
  Education and Training
  Organizational Development
  Business and Strategic Planning
  Social Science Analysis
  Foreign Assistance Approaches - Strategies and Reforms
  Monitoring and Evaluation

Other Sectors 
  Water and Sanitation
  Food Security

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