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Social factors in reservoir - settlements, relocation and costing factors : an adaptation of scalogram analysis using aerial photography and ground survey data applied to the Mekong Basin Pa Mong dam project

by Joseph Badash last modified Sep 19, 2014 01:23 AM
Contributors: Voelkner, H. E., Schwartz, C. M., Oliveri, W. B.


Publication Type: Other USAID Supported Study/Document

Publication Date: 1972

Institution or USAID Bureau Author:

Ancilary Data:


Keywords: Reservoirs , Planning , Social Impact , Mekong River , Aerial Photography

Author(s): Voelkner, H. E. , Schwartz, C. M. , Oliveri, W. B.

Source & ID: USAID DEC / PN-AAC-248

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