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Proceedings of the fourth international soil classification workshop, Rwanda, 2 to 12 June 1981 : part 2. field trip and background soil data

by Joseph Badash last modified Sep 19, 2014 01:16 AM
Contributors: Beinroth, F. H., Neel, H., Eswaran, H.


Publication Type: Conference Proceedings/Paper

Publication Date: 1983

Institution or USAID Bureau Author: 003421 - U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture. Soil Conservation Service. Soil Management Support Services

Ancilary Data: International Soil Classification Workshop, 4th (2-12 Jun 1981, RW)


Keywords: Soil Resources , Soil Mechanics , Soil Sciences , Soil Types

Author(s): Beinroth, F. H. , Neel, H. , Eswaran, H.

Source & ID: USAID DEC / PN-AAX-093

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