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Forestry extension in Pakistan : report of the workshop held in Peshawar, 6-8, April 1993

by Joseph Badash last modified Sep 19, 2014 01:10 AM
Contributors: Bekkering, Titus, ed., Gary, Naughton, ed., Werter, Frans, ed.


Publication Type: Conference Proceedings/Paper

Publication Date: 1993

Institution or USAID Bureau Author: 008936 - Pakistan Forest Institute

Ancilary Data: Asia-Pacific Agroforestry Network. [FAO-RWEDP-FTPP-APAN]


Keywords: Pacific Ocean , Development Planning , Extension Services , Agroforestry , Forestry , Community Participation , Sector Policy

Author(s): Bekkering, Titus, ed. , Gary, Naughton, ed. , Werter, Frans, ed.

Source & ID: USAID DEC / PN-ABW-219

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