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Annual report November 2000-May 2002 : collection and conservation of Allium species from Uzbekistan and neighboring areas and their evaluation for ornamental, edible, and medicinal traits

by Joseph Badash last modified Sep 19, 2014 12:59 AM
Contributors: Kamenetsky, Rina, Rabinowitch, Haim D., Khassanov, Furkat


Publication Type: Annual Report

Publication Date: 2002

Institution or USAID Bureau Author: 006978 - Agricultural Research Organization. The Volcani Center

Ancilary Data: Project title: U.S.-Israel cooperative development research program


Keywords: Plants , Natural Resource Inventories , Institution Building , Research Collaboration , Botany , Agricultural Research , Horticulture , Genebanks , Genetic Resource Conservation , Biology Research , Biological Diversity

Author(s): Kamenetsky, Rina , Rabinowitch, Haim D. , Khassanov, Furkat

Source & ID: USAID DEC / PN-ACQ-281

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