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Biodiversity Conservation Tools

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Is Our Project Succeeding: A Guide to Threat Reduction Assessment for Conservation

Measuring Project Success. Like any other project, conservation projects are designed to change something,to have an impact on some state or condition. The main goal of this change is to protect biodiversity. One of the major differences we see between…

Working with Community-Based Conservation with a Gender Focus

This is a 1999 Guide to "Working with Community-Based Conservation with a Gender Focus" by Mary Hill Rojas (DAI) and distributed by the USAID Office of Women in Development (WID). The WIDTECH Project, funded by the Office of Women in…

USAID Biodiversity Guide for Staff & Partners

The goal of this Guide is to provide USAID staff and partners with basic information about designing, managing, and implementing biodiversity conservation programs or activities. What do you need to know, as a USAID manager, to design, implement, manage, and…


Community Conservation Coalition

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