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The greening of AID 1980-1990

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KEYWORD: Community-based Natural Forest Management, World. Community-based Natural Forest Management, Africa. Community-based Natural Forest Management, Asia. Community-based Natural Forest Management, Central America. Community-based Natural Forest Management, South America. SUMMARY: The Forestry Support Program (FSP) was a ten-year initiative implemented through the USDA/Office of International Cooperation and Development (1980-1990). Its purpose, which it accomplished, was to provide technical support to the Regional Bureaus, USAID missions, Peace Corps, and private volunteer organizations (PVOs) regarding forestry, agroforestry, social forestry and training. Surveys revealed that recipients of FSP support and information expressed satisfaction with the project. Despite FSP's helpfulness, however, respondents indicated that it lacked a larger vision to provide coherence to its technical support. The flexibility of the program has been important; although this sometimes gave a free floating impression and initiatives were not evaluated to assess their impacts, as required. The program in Ecuador is highlighted because it was especially successful, which is attributed to the technical advisor who was posted there. Likewise, it was noted that individual personalities often had more impact than the programs in which they are involved. There was general consensus among respondents that FSP should be continued, especially the referral services, technical backstopping, information services and outreach, networking, and training. Suggestions for additional services include: Making technical continuity an explicit function; Developing an effective system of evaluating technical initiatives; Increasing program scope; Performing studies of global and regional projects; Conducting follow-up studies.

Author(s): FSP

Publication Date: 1990

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