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A technical assessment of natural forest management activities in Niger

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Contributors: Steve Dennison
KEYWORD: Community-based Natural Forest Management, Africa. Africa, Niger, livestock, logging, non-timber forest products, agroforestry, forest reserve, protected areas, soil conservation, community participation, evaluation.

SUMMARY: This report presents an assessment of the technical activities implemented under management plans developed for natural forest sites in western Niger. The assessment includes both classified forests and protected area lands specifically in Boyanga, Faira, Gorou-Bassounga, Guiesselbodi and Koure. Forest management programs implemented in Niger at the time of the evaluation were a continuation of activities first started on the Guiesselbodi National forest, a forest south of Niamey severely degraded as a result of a combination of natural and human factors. The forest became a laboratory for examining the response of Sahelian woodlands to different management treatments. The management team took an approach of engaging local people to assist with the forest's management. This served as the model forest management approach for other natural resource management (NRM) activities in the country.The management plans for other forests included soil conservation and site restoration, extraction of secondary products such as traditional products like fruit, tannins and forage, tree planting and plans for agroforestry activities, and grazing and pasture rights, which stress the multiple use of forest lands. However, animals were excluded in the management plans while initial restoration and harvesting/ regeneration activities are taking place. The study concludes and recommends that no new areas be considered for management until the collective experience of MAE's model is examined in detail, and recommends coordination to exchange information among all groups implementing NRM activities. A periodic review (every three years) of technical and socio-economic aspects of NRM to serve as process checks is also recommended. Formal training is needed and proper monitoring and record keeping. Grazing is recommend to be an integral part of the activities and be outlined in the forest management and annual work plans.

Author(s): Steve Dennison

Publication Date: 1990

Location: Africa, Niger

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