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Deforestation and poverty: Can commercial and social forestry break the vicious cycle?

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Contributors: Sopin Tongpan, Theodore Panayotou, Songpol Jetanavanich, Charlie Mehi

SUMMARY: This research report was prepared for the 1990 conference, Industrializing Thailand and Its Impact on the Environment. It is organized into six chapters and two appendices, including The Relationship between Rural Poverty and Deforestation, Living Conditions and Incomes of Farmers in Forest Reserves, Commercial Plantation Forestry: Can It Break the Vicious Circle of Deforestation and Poverty? The Promise of Social Forestry: Evolution and Sustainability Conclusions and Policy Recommendations Social Forestry in Thailand: Solving or Sustaining Rural Poverty? Community Forestry in Thailand: A Case Study from the North The report focuses on poverty in rural areas in Thailand, and its cyclical relationship with deforestation. Options for improving living conditions are discussed, including the development of commercial plantations and social forestry. These options are found inadequate and, sometimes, to have a worsening effect. The authors suggest that many local communities are either too dependent or not dependent enough on the forest to conserve it.The root causes of failures in commercial and social forestry were identified as: Insecure resource entitlements and land tenure; Declining crop yields; Limited off-farm employment opportunities: Lack of access to credit; Poor education. Suggestions are provided as to how future policies and efforts may address these root causes. The authors recommend that the rural sector be integrated into the industrializing economy of Thailand through appropriate policies, investments and educational reforms.

Author(s): Sopin Tongpan , Theodore Panayotou , Songpol Jetanavanich , Charlie Mehi

Publication Date: 1990

Location: Asia

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