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Platforms for learning: Experiences with adaptive learning in Nepal's community forestry programme

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Contributors: Ghanendra Kafle

This book chapter derives from an evaluation of three different approaches to building multi-stakeholder partnerships within and among forest user-groups in Nepal. The approaches were undertaken in an attempt to increase forest user-group accountability and responsiveness to stakeholders, improve conflict management, and establish equitable relationships with outside organizations. Case material was drawn from the Nepal/United Kingdom Community Forestry Project (NUKCFP). The three approaches included strengthening of user-group networks, facilitating self-monitoring, and partnerships initiated through workshops. The Bokhim forest user-group network demonstrated an ability to control their own growth and to maintain ownership of the processes affecting their destiny. This approach was limited by a lack of incentives for leadership and membership due to a lack of resources. Self-monitoring and participatory planning by the Dhugedhara Thulopakha forest user-group was not effective as monitoring and evaluation were introduced as a priority of an outside group that determined information flow and circumscribed the development process. Initiation of multiple stakeholder collaboration through a workshop provided an opportunity for groups to meet and exchange ideas, however, the author argues that ensuring long-term change requires more sustained platforms than workshops. approach heightened awareness and understanding about the interdependency among stakeholders and the opportunities for collaboration. The author found that collaboration was best initiated in informal settings where interpersonal relationships among the stakeholders could be established. The author concluded that continued communication and information flow were key to promoting innovations, enriching learning, scaling up ideas, and pressuring for policy change and support.

Author(s): Ghanendra Kafle

Publication Date: 2001

Location: Nepal

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