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Mid-term evaluation of the Shared Control of Natural Resources Sub-Project, Sri Lanka

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Contributors: Bruce Harker, Percy Silva, N.G.R. de Silva, William McDowell

The Shared Control of Natural Resources (SCOR) Sub-Project of the Natural Resources and Environmental Policy Project is an approach to improving productivity in rural Sri Lanka by linking conservation to new tenure rights on agricultural and forest lands. SCOR's purpose is to increase shared control of land and water resources in watersheds through state-user partnerships that contribute to intensified and sustainable agricultural production. The SCOR project helps local groups form new land-use planning organizations and provides these groups with technical and financial assistance to implement improved farming and water management activities. Villagers plan their future land use at a micro-watershed level and work with SCOR to gain access to new leases of government land for farming or agroforestry. This assessment of SCOR's efforts in the two pilot watersheds indicates that project accomplishments have met or exceeded targets set by USAID. SCOR has helped form 165 resource user groups made up of 2,600 farmers, and has demonstrated a significant impact on natural resource conservation practices, rural income generation and the democratization of resource use planning in Sri Lanka. Some of the recommendations listed by the report include: The need to subject conservation techniques introduced by the project to rigorous benefit-cost analysis;and USAID should seek ways for the user groups to benefit from USAID's ongoing projects in agricultural marketing and business development; SCOR research should focus on documenting its successes, the new resource management models, and the relationships between land tenure, adoption of conservation practices and productivity; Increase training for District and Provincial government officers to ensure that SCOR planning methods and conservation techniques are transferred to the local population; SCOR should assist local governments and NGOs to replicate a minimum-cost package of land-use planning, conservation practices and land tenure.

Author(s): Bruce Harker , Percy Silva , N.G.R. de Silva , William McDowell

Publication Date: 1995

Location: Sri Lanka

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