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Review of the Forestry Planning and Development Project

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Contributors: Charles R. Hatch, Donald L. Grebner

This study reviews major elements of the Forestry Planning and Development (FP&D) Project in Pakistan over the period from 1983 to 1993. These elements include: the initial and present expectations of farmers; the establishment and maintenance of private tree plantations on farmlands; marketing of wood products; extension and outreach programs; forestry research and training; women in development; and establishment of an NGO program.The project has been successful in reforesting large areas of Pakistan, but many problems persist. Farmers are not actively managing their plantations to maximize net returns, resulting in reduced tree growth and affecting the quantity and quality of yields. Inadequate training in silvicultural methods and the lack of markets for thinnings are listed as major constraints affecting management. As such, the report emphasizes training to farmers to manage for wood quality, establishing species diversity, and developing the forest product industry.The report concludes that forestry research in Pakistan is maintaining a reasonable pace despite heavy constraints. It provides several suggestions necessary for continuing the advancement of the farm forestry project beyond the FP&D project: Create linkages for exchanging information among researchers, extension foresters and farmers; Greater attention to making farm forestry sustainable on a large-scale; Increased emphasis by the NGO program in initiating forestry programs to reduce environmental degradation and maintain biodiversity; Improve NGO capacity to address other forestry issues. NGOs will have to be the main driving force in promoting the participation of women in forestry and development activities.

Author(s): Charles R. Hatch , Donald L. Grebner

Publication Date: 1994

Location: Pakistan

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