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The Gambia forestry project: Project evaluation summary

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The Gambia forestry project was authorized by USAID on August 3, 1979 for $1,575,000 for five years. The purpose of the project was to increase the efficiency of production and utilization of wood and wood products. In April 1984, it was realized that the project goals would not be met, therefore the project life was extended and outputs reduced. The purpose of the evaluation paper was to determine to what degree the project had reached or would likely reach its objectives. The project resulted in approximately 600 hectares of exotic timber plantations and increased local interest in woodlot activities. Moreover, the Gambian Department of Forestry gained experience in village level forestry. The initial main components of the project (plantation and woodlot establishment, woodlot products utilization training, outreach and technical assistance) did not achieve projected goals. The exotic timber plantations were not fully established due to drought periods during the project, brush fires and lack of Department of Forestry resources. Village woodlots did not meet expectations due to logistical problems with resources, lack of village participation and incorrect tree species selection. Utilization of wood products did not improve due to late implementation, lack of fuel and the breakdown of an existing sawmill. The technical assistance and training components nearly achieved expectations while the outreach component never achieved expectation due to delays in getting inputs and lack of fuel for mobile video units.The report recommends increased support to extension activities and additional training for the sawmill personnel. The evaluation team also recommended a six-month project extension. Regarding future support from USAID to forestry activities, the team suggested in-country training in forestry, minimal short-term technical assistance to the Department of Forestry, support to forestry extension activities, support to cover recurring costs of fire protection, and the introduction of agroforestry activities.

Author(s): Gambia forestry project

Publication Date: 1985

Location: Gambia

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