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Recognition of individual property rights in a CBFM site: The case of Gadwen Highlanders Multipurpose Cooperative in Galintuja, Dianawan, and Wenceslao, Maria Aurora, Aurora

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Community-based forest management agreements (CBFMAs) are communal tenure instruments issued to people's organizations (POs) in the Philippines. It is common that the POs only represent a minority of a larger community. This poses problems in mobilizing and organizing the entire population for forest protection and creates conflicts in sharing benefits from the harvest of forest products or contracts for forest rehabilitation. Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), under the Philippines Natural Resources Management Project tested the approach of formalizing the individual property rights (IPRs) of stakeholders in the CBFMA areas to encourage the greater community involvement. The project hypothesized that well-defined property rights would result in better and improved protection and management of forestlands, and encourage the claimants to develop their upland farms for higher productivity. The case study for this IPR strategy is a 4,900 ha CBFM site in Barangays Galintuja, Dianawan and Wenceslao, Maria Aurora, Aurora. The Gadwen Highlanders Multipurpose Cooperative is the PO managing the CBFMA. It has 97 active members, representing less than 4 percent of the community. A community mapping technique was used to identify, evaluate and determine individual land claims within the CBFMA area. The following were lessons from the case study: Community mapping is a highly applicable mapping technique and useful for recognizing, delineating and formalizing IPRs in the CBFM area; IPR can be an effective tool to encourage those who have claims inside the CBFMA area to become PO members; The combination of IPR with PO membership campaign and the strategy for mobilizing local savings and credit can be effective in raising local capital for micro-enterprises; The PO as a holder of CBFMA is strengthened through the IPR process and obtains more political leverage in enforcing forest protection activities.

Author(s): DAI

Publication Date: 1999

Location: Philippines

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