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Evaluation institutional arrangement and policies for multiple-use conservation area and its surroundings management: Pilot application for the Bukit Baka/ Bukit Raya and the Bunaken National Park. Final Report

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Contributors: PT Indoconsult

This report is a study of the institutional and policy arrangements in place in Indonesia for managing the newly established Bukit Baka/ Bukit Raya and Bunaken National Parks in Kalimantan and Sulawesi, respectively. The authors provide a comprehensive review of existing legislation relating to forest development, conservation and development of national parks. Both of the national parks are managed by the Natural Resource Conservation Sub-Division (SBKSDA) of the Regional Forestry Office in the provinces. The authors suggest the creation of a new institutional unit solely responsible for managing national parks in each province, which would answer directly to the Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation. This direct line of command is expected to circumvent some of the bureaucratic and coordination problems hindering development of national parks in the country. In addition, a coordination committee of various representatives from development agencies is proposed for the Bunaken National Park because of its immense potential as a regional tourism area. The committee is expected to coordinate tourism development activities in order to minimize environmental damages. Other suggestions in the report call for immediate action to: Improve coordination between working units of the Department of Forestry, and with other natural resource- related institutions, both at the central and regional level for more efficient planning and implementation. Involve participation by different stakeholders to integrate sectoral and regional programs into the national park management plan and to reduce the possibility of future dissent. Create a zoning plan for multiple use activities. Hire personnel for park management and enforcement.

Author(s): PT Indoconsult

Publication Date: 1993

Location: Indonesia

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