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The making of Nepal’s community videoletter: Presenting a picture from the village to environmental policy makers

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Contributors: Kedar Sharma

The primary focus of this case study is the production of a Community Video Letter (CVL) by the community of Uchanimbu in Nepal\rquote s Midwest Development Region of Nepal. The purpose of the CVL was to provide a means of communication between remote villagers and governmental policy makers. This method of communication was adopted for its flexibility in content and format, its ability to include literate and illiterate people, its ability to communicate directly rather than through a translator, and because it provides somewhat personal interaction between people who are physically separated. The author also found that it spurred women and less influential people in the community to express their opinions, even in the presence of more dominant community members.The video that was created contained some grievances, although the author does not give much detail about what these grievances were. Some were briefly mentioned, such as the need for grazing land and lack of control over encroachment onto public land in the village. One woman in the community proposed the possibility of dividing land into four blocks to be used in rotation in order to provide grazing space. A need for control over illicit logging was also mentioned. The video letter was presented at a Community Forest Forum organized by GreenCOM in order to establish discussion between policy makers and remote villagers, most of whom were present only in the video. The video appeared to be successful in this goal and it initiated straightforward discussions between the policy makers and the community representatives who attended the forum.

Author(s): Kedar Sharma

Publication Date: 1998

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