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Reflections on improving the management of forest resources in Madagascar

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Contributors: Bob Winterbottom

This evaluation of Madagascar's forestry sector identifies potential areas that the Environmental Management Support Project (PAGE) may supported the increasing role of civil society in forest governance, the use and management of the National Forestry Fund, and improved integration of forestry into rural development and poverty reduction programs. The report assesses USAID's role and achievements in the forestry sector and draws upon an evaluation of pilot projects in CBNFM to identify challenges and opportunities. The author notes important challenges in Madagascar's forestry sector as: Increasing commercial returns to forest management; Making forest management more attractive to local populations; Organizing a national forest management program to control shifting cultivation, bushfires, and unregulated, small-scale forest exploitation. PAGE has helped to emphasize local forest governance, control illicit forest exploitation, strengthen the role of civil society, and support the establishment and functioning of regional forest observatories. Clear political changes with respect to the government's commitment to improved governance and sustainable financing of the forestry sector are still necessary to improve the forest sector. The author recommends the following measures to improve management and sustainable use of Madagascar's forest resources: Support for sustainable yield, multiple-use management of forests and empowerment of local communities in participatory approaches to improve forest management; Strengthen institutions at the central, regional, and local levels to stimulate partnerships between public and private sectors and provide effective field support; Incorporate priorities and compatible approaches for biodiversity conservation into land use and economic development planning; Focus on objectives that emphasize social and economic benefits; Encourage investment in forest management activities as the engine of socio-economic development in target zones.

Author(s): Bob Winterbottom

Publication Date: 2001

Location: Madagascar

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