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Securing community-based tenurial rights in the tropical forests of Asia

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Contributors: Lynch, O. J.

This review of CBNFM in tropical Asia highlights problems resulting from unstable community-based tenure rights in South and Southeast Asia and offers recommendations for future tenure policies. Unstable tenure of forest dwellers undermined short and long-term customary incentives to conserve and sustainably manage natural resources, prevented small-scale users from legally benefiting from natural resources, and generated animosity between small-scale users and natural resources officials. Indiscriminate designation of public forest resources created open access situations that undermined community-based tenure, encouraged legal and illegal extraction of natural resources, and promoted migration and greater population density in ecologically fragile areas. The author suggests that governments should officially recognize and delineate the perimeters of existing tenure systems, especially in areas where dwellers have a demonstrable concern for the environment and a desire to manage it sustainably. Policy and programmatic solutions to tropical deforestation will fail unless the tenure rights and potential of forest dwellers are addressed. Recommendations concerning social and legal aspects of community-based tenure systems include: Promote laws and policies that provide for the recognition and delineation of community-based tenure systems; Fund research into resource uses of people living within or directly dependent on tropical forests; Fund country-specific research on alternative legal strategies for recognizing and granting tenure rights to forest resources; Strengthen natural resource bureaucracies to develop more culturally appropriate and responsive extension and educational services; Implement strategies for strengthening NGOs and community-based organizations.

Author(s): Lynch, O. J.

Publication Date: 1992

Location: South and Southeast Asia

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