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Community-based natural resource management from villages to an inter-village network: a case study in Pan Ma Pha District, Mae Hong Son Province, Northern Thailand

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Contributors: Prasong Jantakad, Stephen Carson

SUMMARY: This case study examines an inter-village network for natural resource management (NRM) in Pang Ma Pha District, Mae Hong Son Province, in northern Thailand. The network began with 3 villages coming together to develop and agree on guidelines to harvest and manage bamboo shoots for sale. The community-based land-use planning and local watershed management (CLM) project aimed to strengthen the capacities of these communities to manage their affairs and establish trustful relationships between villagers and government officials based on participatory working principles with regard to land-use planning and resource management. The CLM is part of the Thai-German Highland Development Programme (TG-HDP), 1981-1998. Lessons learned by CLM included: Integration of traditions and cultural practices related to natural resource conservation increased the level of community involvement; When working together as a network on NRM, the villagers were able to focus on the benefits and advantages derived from such cooperation through a process of self-realization in their own environment; The identification of village boundaries and community natural resources such as cultivation areas, watershed and multi-purpose forests, progressively allowed the villagers to understand the attributes of NRM; and The conservation or management of natural resources has to be carried out in parallel with the development of the agricultural system. The CLM program had very positive impacts. The capabilities and confidence of the community leaders were greatly enhanced, enabling them to manage their resources in a more sustainable way, and to effectively communicate with government agencies. There was improved cohesion within communities. Community organizations increased their knowledge and skill in the sustainable use of resources.

Author(s): Prasong Jantakad , Stephen Carson

Publication Date: 1998

Location: Thailand

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