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Participatory workshop for the economic valuation of natural resources in the Togean Islands, Central Sulawesi

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Contributors: Jim Cannon

This report is derived from a participatory workshop for the economic valuation of natural resources in the Togean Islands (Central Sulawesi), organized in 1998 by NRM/EPIQ and Conservation International. The workshop focused on the current and potential impacts of logging on the land and marine ecosystems of the Togean Islands. The workshop produced an economic valuation of forestry, tourism, and traditional fisheries, based upon available market data and field surveys. Economic estimates suggested that logging would benefit only a few private persons for a short period and would be detrimental to fishermen, to families depending on tourism and pearl fishing, and to Togean society. Loss of soil, smothering of reefs due to sedimentation, and decrease in drinking water supply were identified as the most detrimental impacts of logging. Tourism is on the rise but traditional fishing is still the most important activity. Steps must be taken to ensure that a substantial part of the benefits of tourism accrues to the local communities. Local communities recognize that the best strategy for natural forest management is conservation and sustainable, small-scale extraction, and are opposed to logging by outsiders. Workshop recommendations for development in the Togean Islands included: Economic valuation should precede any issuing of licenses for agricultural land use; Participatory NRM approach should be improved; The best development investment for local communities and in many areas of Central Sulawesi is conservation.

Author(s): Jim Cannon

Publication Date: 1999

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