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Toolkit on Livelihoods and Conflict

by webadmin last modified Jan 10, 2013 12:10 PM

This toolkit is par t of a series that explores how development assistance can address key risk factors associated with conflict. It shows how violent conflict can affect individual and community access to essential resources and how an approach that focuses on strengthening that access can help people sur vive and recover from conflict. Livelihoods, or individuals' or households' access to resources, is often a primary factor in motivating violence. In some cases, if livelihood support is offered early enough, conflict may be avoided. This document is intended to provide USAID mission staff, their par tners, and others working in countries affected by conflict and instability with: 1) an examination of the relationship between conflict and people's livelihoods; 2) lessons in developing livelihoods programs-- including an introduction to livelihood analysis; 3) a range of program options designed to reduce livelihood vulnerability, strengthen resiliency, and help people manage conflict-related shocks; and 4) listings of relevant USAID mechanisms, implementing partners, and contact information. 2005.

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