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Coping with the Energy Challenge

by portaladmin last modified Jan 10, 2013 09:49 AM

The purpose of this toolkit is to: 1. Provide a broad diagnostic framework to identify a country’s potential energy sector challenges, particularly as related to a country’s dependency on oil. This framework assesses country vulnerability by focusing on specific energy sector conditions as reflected by the various indicators included here, which were chosen because they provide insights into the overall dynamics of the energy sector. 2. Illustrate the linkages between challenges (identified by the indicators) and potential interventions that should be considered when developing USAID mission’s programs to cope with the challenges related to oil dependency. (It is important to clarify that this tool does not automatically provides appropriate answers for all countries in the world. Individual assessments should be carried out to adjust and customize level of detail required for specific countries). 3. Provide a comprehensive bibliography organized in a manner that allows the user to explore direct links to papers, studies or reports illustrating the various interventions.

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