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A Contribution Towards a New Results Package and Framework for the Environment/Natural Resources Sector of the USAID/Guatemala Strategic Plan

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Contributors: Thomas Catterson
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Although Guatemala is becoming increasingly known for the beauty and bounty of its natural resource base, much of the country's natural areas are inherently fragile and remain under continuous human pressures leading to their degradation. There are strong parallels with the dignity and destiny of many of the country's poorest people, forced to eke out a bare subsistence using traditional farming practices ill-suited to the steep highlands to which they have been forced to retreat or the easily degraded tropical lowlands where they have sought refuge. Improving natural resources management has long been an important part of the country's development plans supported by USAID, albeit something constrained in many ways by years of inequities, injustice and civil struggle. Region: Latin America and the Caribbean Task order: Guatemala: Environmental Lessons Learned and Strategic Objective Assessment. Technical area: Sustainable Tourism, Public-Private Partnerships, Policy Assessment, Analysis and Evaluation & Strategic Planning, Multilateral Environmental Agreements, Land Use Management and Eco-Zoning, Global Climate Change, Forestry, Environmental Institutional Strengthening - NGOs/PVOs, Environmental Institutional Strengthening - Government, Environmental Financing, Environmental and Economic Growth Linkages, Dissemination of Policy Knowledge/Environmental Communication, Biodiversity Conservation

Author(s): Thomas Catterson

Publication Date: 1998

Location: Guatemala

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