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Wildlife Conservation Society

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Annual Report 2007 TransLinks: Promoting Transformations by Linking Natural Resources, Economic Growth and Governance

The TransLinks project (short for Promoting Transformation: Linking Natural Resources, Economic Growth, and Good Governance) has been funded to explore the relationships among good governance, poverty alleviation, conservation, and the sustainable management of natural resources. In so doing, we will…

Casting Conservation Actors. Picking Partnerships for Effective Conservation

Casting Conservation Actors. Picking Partnerships for Effective Conservation

Livelihood Surveys: A tool for conservation design, action and monitoring

Manual on designing livelihoods surveys to document how conservation actions impact and influence the welfare of local people and demonstrate co-benefits of conservation.

Paying for Results: WCS experience with direct incentives for conservation

This report explores the concept of direct incentives for conservation, and summarizes current discussion on their benefits and potential drawbacks. It then highlights the current experience at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) with various forms of more or less direct…

Rights and Conservation

Rights and Conservation

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