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Beyond Carbon: Biodiversity and Water Markets

Beyond Carbon: Biodiversity and Water Markets
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Contributors: Forest Trends, the Katoomba Group

Ecosystem Marketplace Insights Booklet on biodiversity and water PES markets. This publication is meant to serve as context and provide background for the Katoomba conference: "Avoiding Deforestation in the Amazon through PES Markets" held in Mato Grosso, Brazil in April 2009. Brazil will have to look beyond carbon markets, to water and biodiversity, to ensure the comprehensive maintenance of all its ecosystem services. This compilation of selected articles that introduce the markets, delve into experiences outside of Brazil, and examine developments within the county. We have broken this volume into four parts: the first summarizes key government initiatives in Brazil, and offers a guide to “the Matrix” of PES schemes around the world (Part 1: The Big Picture). The second offers a close examination of regulated biodiversity and water markets in the United States. (Part 2: The State of Play). The third offers a case study of an innovative biodiversity offset project in Malaysia, PES schemes in the Andes, and an examination of the growing acceptance of ecosystem markets at the federal level in the United States (Part 3: Global Developments). The final part examines established water and biodiversity payment programs in Brazil (Part 4: Local Developments). See RELATED ITEMS for Portuguese version.

Author(s): Forest Trends , the Katoomba Group

Publication Date: 2009

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