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GIS Technology Transfer: An Ecological Approach - Final Report

 GIS Technology Transfer: An Ecological Approach - Final Report
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Contributors: Eastman, J. Ronald, Toledano, James

The GIS technology transfer approach described here addresses the issue of sustainable technology transfer in a development setting. It was prompted by a growing discontent within the development community, and the Bureau for Africa, USAID in particular, with the high cost and inconsistent results of GIS technology transfer projects in the area of environmental management. These poor results are due to the fact that most interventions primarily address the technological issues of the technology transfer process and not the more substantive issues that relate to the organizational and social issues of the process. In contrast to a traditional approach to technology transfer we have come to shape what we call the Ecological Approach -- one which is focused not on the technology per se, but rather, on the organization which adopts the technology, its role in society, and the manner in which the technology enhances or detracts from an organization's ability to function in a responsible, productive and sustainable fashion.

Author(s): Eastman, J. Ronald , Toledano, James

Publication Date: 1996

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