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USAID Mobile Apps

by Portal Web Editor last modified Apr 26, 2015 08:26 PM
USAID Mobile Apps

Mobile apps from USAID including: DEC Evaluations - The mobile app improves access to USAID funded evaluation reports by providing a mobile solution for accessing a subset of DEC documents (recent evaluations); Portfolio Map - The Portfolio Map is a mobile app for accessing information about the development work USAID is performing every day; Family Choices - Family Choices aims to enhance the perception of a girl’s place in and value to her family, with an emphasis on keeping her and her peers in school; 9-Minutes - Players experience the adventures of nine months of pregnancy in just nine minutes; Worm Attack! - Young players, their teachers and families work to rid themselves and their communities of infestation with intestinal worms in this fast-paced, fun game through the strategic use of deworming pills.

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