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Central Africa USFS IP Trip Report: Virunga Watershed Assessment, Uganda, Rwanda, DRCongo; Mar 05

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Contributors: Joe Gurrieri, Jason Gritzner, Mike Chaveas

USFS technical experts provided guidance on structuring an analysis of the hydrology of the region, with a particular focus on the improvement of the water supply for local communities. The specific goals of this mission were as follows: 1. Perform a preliminary field survey and provide an initial assessment of the hydrologic systems of the region, characterizing the threats to these watersheds and proposing strategies to minimize them. 2. Gauge the current state of available information and level of monitoring that is occurring across the landscape. 3. Identify what questions need to be answered about the area and what work needs to be completed over the next year and beyond in terms of data gathering to improve the current state of knowledge of these watersheds. 4. Evaluate the state of water resources in the region and suggest methods of improving the quantity and quality of water that is being distributed to local communities. The expected outputs for this assessment were: 1. An analysis of the current state of information on, and monitoring of, the hydrology of the region. 2. A report of a preliminary characterization of the hydrology of the region, including a description of threats to the health of the watersheds, along with other key issues, and proposed strategies for mitigating threats and managing the systems of the region. The report should also address how threats to the watersheds, and their current condition, within the region are impacting rivers and lakes downstream. 3. A prioritized list of future tasks that need to be performed in fully assessing the hydrology of the landscape, including any future role for USFS technical assistance. 4. Recommendations on improving the water supply to, and the effectiveness of, water supply schemes, focusing on improving quality and quantity of the water.

Author(s): Joe Gurrieri, Jason Gritzner, Mike Chaveas

Location: Rwanda, Uganda, Congo

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