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Ethiopia USFS Trip Report: Prescribed Fire Mission in Support of USAID PLI II; Feb 2011

Ethiopia USFS Trip Report: Prescribed Fire Mission in Support of USAID PLI II; Feb 2011
by Jason Ko last modified Aug 20, 2013 04:25 PM
Contributors: Seth Carbonari

A group of prescribed fire specialists from the United States Forest Service travelled to Ethiopia in February and March of 2011 to provide training on prescribed fire planning, implementation and monitoring. There were two other components of the PLI mission taking place at the same time that included a USFS landscape planning specialist (Kurt Wiedenmann from the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest) developing a rangeland management plan and a USFS invasive species specialist (Faith Ryan from the Salmon-Challis National Forest) developing invasive species management strategies. The specialists worked and travelled together through much of the trip, assisting each other when possible while focusing on the components of their own particular missions. The objectives of the prescribed fire mission were to strengthen capacities of communities, NGO’s and government partners in prescribed fire implementation and planning, assist in establishing a prescribed fire monitoring system through the government research system and to work with the landscape planner to include prescribed fire in management plans.

Author(s): Seth Carbonari

Publication Date: 2011

Location: Ethiopia

Download File from Portal: 2011_Rx_Fire_Report_Final.pdf — PDF document, 1,326 kB (1,358,687 bytes)

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