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Gabon USFS Trip Report: Support to Gabon’s National Park System; May 2004

by Timothy Foley last modified Aug 20, 2013 04:16 PM
Contributors: Chris Iverson, Don Fisher, Julie Luetzelschwab, Melissa Othman

President Omar Bongo established Gabon’s National Park System declaring thirteen national parks in August 2002, most of these being newly established parks. A visit by the United States Secretary of State, Colin Powell, and later a delegation of US Government officials in February 2003, encouraged the involvement of US technical assistance to support Gabon confront the challenges of implementing President Bongo’s declaration. As a result of these trips, US Forest Service (USFS) was identified as one of the US agencies to provide technical assistance to help Gabon achieve their natural resources objectives.

Author(s): Chris Iverson , Don Fisher , Julie Luetzelschwab , Melissa Othman

Publication Date: 2004

Location: Africa, Gabon

Download File from Portal: USFS_Gabon_Final_April2004.pdf — PDF document, 1,348 kB (1,381,332 bytes)

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