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Pays Dogon Visitor Center and Signage Siting: Mission report

Pays Dogon Visitor Center and Signage Siting: Mission report
by Adam Welti last modified Jan 10, 2013 09:59 AM
Contributors: Lauren Chitty, Rick Harlan Schneider, Brad Cownover

In late June of 2011, the USFS sent a team to Pays Dogon in Mali to conduct site reconnaissance and stakeholder interviews necessary in developing a conceptual design and interpretive program for a Visitor Center (VC) for Pays Dogon in Bandiagara. The Design Team – made up of technical experts in landscape architecture, green architecture and interpretation, along with an International Program Specialist – worked closely with Solimar International and project leaders from USAID‘s Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance (GSTA) to meet with stakeholders to understand their priorities for a welcoming interpretive facility in Bandiagara. The team surveyed various potential VC sites and toured the region to gain insight into the visitor experience. Meetings with village leaders were scheduled in order to gain additional information regarding interpretative programming for the Visitor Center. Building on information gathered by the GSTA/USFS ―Pays Dogon – Interpretive Signs and Journal‖ project, the team documented important cultural, historical, and technical references intended to help inform the design of an environmentally responsive visitor center that fits within its context. While in the field, the Team also identified ways to improve on the work done for the previous signage project and make it more cohesive with the proposed VC project.

Author(s): Lauren Chitty, Rick Harlan Schneider, Brad Cownover

Publication Date: 2011

Location: Bandiagara, Mali

Download File from Portal: USFS_GSTA-PD Visitor Center and Signage Mission Report FINAL 11 Aug 11.pdf — PDF document, 846 kB (867,119 bytes)

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