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Recreation and Scenery Management for the Copan Project, Honduras

by Jerry Wylie last modified Aug 20, 2013 05:15 PM
Contributors: Jerry Wylie, Robert Ross, Jr.

This report documents ideas discussed during the second planning workshop for the Copan master plan revision, March 2001, and follow-up fieldwork. It includes summary information that can be used directly in the master plan, as well as more detailed information that could be included as annexes to the plan. There were three main objectives: 1) Conduct a Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) and Visual Quality Management (VQM) assessments as part of the planning process. Inventory and map the range of recreation opportunities, from most to least developed, and the most important visual resources for protection, enhancement, restoration, and suitability for future modification. 2) Identify recreation/scenic zones of the Park and determine appropriate management prescriptions for each. Include these zones in the management plan. 3) Assess the needs and opportunities for using the Limits of Acceptable Change (LAC) methodology to examine visitor impacts.

Author(s): Jerry Wylie , Robert Ross, Jr.

Publication Date: 2001

Location: Honduras

Download File from Portal: Copan Report 2001.pdf — PDF document, 1,203 kB (1,232,151 bytes)

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