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Who is Brazil's Most Creative Person in Business?

Who is Brazil's Most Creative Person in Business?
by Joseph Badash last modified Jan 10, 2013 10:00 AM
Contributors: Ricardo Geromel

Who is the most creative Brazilian in business? Many will argue that professional football has become big business and therefore Neymar, young footballer from Santos FC called the New Pelé by the NYT, should be the right answer. Others will claim it must be Brazil’s most famous entrepreneur Eike Batista, the seventh richest man on earth. However, the right answer is much more exotic than a footballer or an entrepreneur. According to Fast Company Magazine, Brazil’s most creative person in business is a tribal chief who has partnered with Google to save his tribe from the brink of extinction and stop deforestation in Amazon rainforest.

Author(s): Ricardo Geromel

Publication Date: 2012

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