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VIDEO (English): Succeeding at SCALE®:A New Direction for Development

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(THIS VIDEO IS AVAILABLE IN FRENCH AND SPANISH AS WELL.) Across the world development practitioners are faced with a common challenge: how to scale up activities to reach thousands of women instead of dozens, tens of thousands of farmers instead of hundreds, and millions of babies instead of thousands? SCALE®, System-wide Collaborative Action for Livelihoods and the Environment, is a communications-driven management approach that results in greater impact at scale, creating social capital, strengthening governance, and increasing sustainable economic growth and livelihoods.

SCALE’s systems approach to program management catalyzes simultaneous action:

  • Among multiple players from multiple sectors (economic, environmental, government, and social)
  • At multiple levels (national, regional, community, and family)
  • Supporting multiple behavioral and technological options
  • Through the application of multiple social change methodologies.


Part 1


A New Direction for Development

Part 2


SCALE Applications

Dominican Republic

Increased growth of local small, medium-sized and community based tourism enterprises in an  environmentally sustainable manner.


Increased local benefits and support for the Ecuador's protected areas through sustainable tourism.


Increased sustainable tourism revenues that actively conserve and enhance biodiversity and cultural patrimony while contributing to the eradication of poverty.


Increased healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy.


Increased income-earning opportunities with fairly distributed benefits to all stakeholders while respecting and protecting the natural resources in the local communities.


Reduced maternal anemia and improved antenatal care leading to reduced maternal deaths.

SCALE® is a registered trademark of the Academy for Educational Development


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