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October 2019 LandMatters Newsletter

by Portal Web Editor last modified Oct 25, 2019 12:09 AM
Contributors: USAID, LANDLINKS
Your October 2019 #LandMatters Newsletter is here!

Two New Blogs Highlight Significant Achievements for Land Rights in Kosovo

Since 2014, USAID has supported property ownership in Kosovo─a right which is not always guaranteed, especially for women. Through the recently concluded Property Rights Program, USAID contributed to robust legal reforms and behavior change initiatives to significantly advance land and property rights in the country. These blogs outline key achievements of the program including the first-ever National Strategy on Property Rights, and higher levels of women’s participation in property inheritance proceedings.




Breaking Up is Good to Do: USAID Pioneers Individualization Methodology to Address Problems with Joint Landholding in Colombia

Imagine being penalized if your neighbor failed to pay their taxes. Under collective land titling arrangements in the municipality of Fuentedeoro, Colombia, this is the norm. All joint landholders are penalized if one individual fails to pay their taxes, resulting in widespread inability to access credit and other financial tools. To address this, USAID, in collaboration with the municipal government, designed and implemented an individualization methodology to subdivide the parcels and provide individual property titles to landholders. This allows the individuals opportunities for more productive land use.




New Infographic: Changing Understanding of Land Security and Availability in Liberia

Through USAID’s Mobile Applications to Secure Tenure (MAST) pilot in Liberia’s Blei Community Forest, communities were able to document their land and forest resources for the first time. Before the pilot, 77 percent of participants believed that there were adequate land and resources available, compared to just 54 percent at the conclusion of the pilot. The insights gained by helping participants understand the limitations of their resources will support better land use decisions and inform strategies for sustainably using customary land and forest resources.




Final Report: Land Administration and Management in Haiti

Launched in 2014 by USAID and Habitat for Humanity, the Land Administration and Management Project (LAMP) in Haiti conducted outreach and awareness initiatives for two practical manuals that outline how to buy and sell land, and well as how to anticipate and prevent complications when land rights are uncertain. The final report outlines the project’s key outreach activities to disseminate learnings from the manuals.




Best Practices for Engaging with the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Sector in Ghana

USAID’s Artisanal Mining and Property Rights (AMPR) project addresses land and resource governance challenges in the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) sector. Recently, the government of Ghana lifted a ban on small-scale mining, creating an opportunity for the US Embassy in Ghana to engage with the ASM sector. The study outlines recommendations, best practices, and options for engaging with the ASM sector in Ghana.




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