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Katoomba (14th) Meeting on Payments for Ecosystem Services

by Mike Colby — last modified Oct 26, 2016 05:43 AM
Contributors: Katoomba Group
This was the first of several Katoomba activities to be co-sponsored by USAID's Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade Bureau/Office of Natural Resources, under the 5-year TransLinks program led by the Wildlife Conservation Society and its 2009 Standing Forests Conservation Markets Initiative co-led by partner Forest Trends.

The 14th Katoomba Meeting on Payments for Ecosystem Services (linking carbon, water, biodiversity, and economic development) was held in Brazil on April 1-4, 2009.

The high-profile Brazil program included a two-day public forum attended by over 1400 people in Cuiabá, capital of the State of Mato Grosso; followed by a two-day technical meeting with 150 experts in the Pantanal wetlands; a field visit to the Suruí indigenous community in Rondonia State to discuss their pilot “Incubator” site for payments for reduced carbon emissions and biodiversity conservation via prevented deforestation and reforestation; discussions with participants in a second incubator site in the Xingú watershed (major SE Amazon tributary through Mato Grosso and Pará States), as well as indigenous organizations in Amazonas State, etc.  The events attracted three times as many participants as expected, including Brazil's Minister of Environment Carlos Minc, seven Amazonian Governors (from five Brazilian Amazon states plus those of Loreto in Peru and Santa Cruz in Bolivia), California’s Deputy Secretary for Energy and Climate Change (highlighting the connections to the November 2008 agreement between several US, Brazilian, and Indonesian states for joint carbon emissions offset projects), and numerous state and municipal legislators, mayors, business leaders, agricultural producers, indigenous peoples, scholars, social movements, and non-governmental organizations.

Several of these meetings were co-hosted by the Katoomba Group, Forest Trends, and the Government of Mato Grosso State; and co-sponsored by USAID, Moore Foundation, World Bank, the European Union, the Maggi Group, Biological Capital, and Technomapas; with several other partner organizations. 

A draft “Cuiabá Declaration” ( ) was prepared for signature by the Governors, agricultural producers, indigenous peoples, and NGOs, for presentation to Brazil’s President Lula to urge the federal government to modify its opposition in climate change negotiations to international payments for ecosystem services to reduce carbon emissions by avoiding deforestation and reducing forest degradation (“REDD”).

Several stories on the Katoomba event, including audio recordings of some panel discussions, plus the program Agenda and new supporting reports\are available on

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