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ADVISORY: Kenya to Announce Restoration Commitment and Launch National Opportunity Maps

by Christin VanZant last modified Sep 06, 2016 05:39 PM
Contributors: World Resources Institute
Landscape restoration is a great opportunity for Kenya’s people and lands, and builds on the tradition of the Green Belt Movement. Trees play an important role in landscapes, helping to provide multiple ecosystem services such as stabilizing soils, providing important habitat for wildlife, as well as keeping soils fertile for agricultural use. By introducing more trees into landscapes through landscape restoration, whether as natural forests or as mixed agroforestry systems, and through better land management practices, degradation can be reversed, reestablishing restoring productivity and resilience. Kenya is the first African country to do a comprehensive national restoration opportunity assessment that was then used to inform their commitment to the Bonn Challenge and AFR100. The assessment is reflected in the National Opportunity Maps that will launch at the event.

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NAIROBI (September 2, 2016) On September 8, the Kenya Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Authorities, and the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) will host an official event and press briefing to announce Kenya’s national restoration commitment, as well as launch new restoration opportunity maps, a technical report and website. The launch event will take place in the Intercontinental Hotel, Mara North Room, Nairobi starting at 8:00am. The Press Briefing will take place in the La Prugna Room at 10:15am.The announcement will serve as Kenya’s official commitment to the Bonn Challengeand AFR100.



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