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Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group Career Opportunities July 2017

by Christin VanZant last modified Jul 07, 2017 12:55 PM
Contributors: ABCG
WWF - Africa Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator; WWF - Technical Advisor - Jengi TNS Lobeke Programme; WCS - Project Director, Okapi Faunal Reserve; Maliasili Initiatives - Chief Operating Officer; Eagle - Organizational Development Officer; Eagle - Field Investigations Officer; Eagle - Eagle Activist; IUCN - Project Support Officer - USG Projects; USAID - Enter USAID's CWT Case Study Compilation


Career Opportunities

Africa Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator

Location: WWF Zambia Office in Lusaka, Zambia
The post holder will coordinate the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Africa Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (AAI), including developing annual budgets and work plans, providing technical support to all countries in the AAI, coordinating development of results and lessons learning documents, facilitating training and capacity building for WWF staff and partners on climate change, specifically adaptation, and with the WWF Zambia Conservation Manager, seeking to broaden the funding base of the AAI through engaging with WWF Network and other potential donors.

Technical Advisor - Jengi TNS Lobeke Programme

Location: Mambele, East Cameroon
The Technical advisor for the Jengi TNS Lobeke Programme, is assisting the Programme Manager in providing technical and scientific advice on the overall development and implementation of the Lobeke Programme, in line with the Management Plan of Lobeke National Park, and the WWF Cameroon Country conservation Strategy.

Project Director, Okapi Faunal Reserve

Location: Epulu, the HQ of the Okapi Faunal Reserve, in Ituri Province, Democratic Republic of Congo
Duration: 2 years with option for renewal. To start 1 September 2017.
The purpose of this position is to provide overall co-ordination and responsibility for all Wildlife Conservation Society operations and budgets within the Okapi Faunal Reserve (OFR) and its buffer zone. The position will report to the WCS DRC Country Director, located in Kinshasa. The position will oversee a team of ~40 WCS on-site staff, comprising a WCS Chief of Operations, and encompassing the following departments: Admin and Finance, Logistics, Research and Monitoring, Socio-Economics and Law Enforcement support. The position will work closely with the Site Director of ICCN (the national conservation agency) in the management of the OFR and particularly on enforcement issues. The project has an annual operating budget of approximately $2.5 million, with funds from US government, KfW (German Development Bank) and other public and private donors.

Chief Operating Officer

Location: The position's location is geographically flexible, and any candidate must be able to work successfully with a remote and dispersed team.
Maliasili Initiatives began operations in 2011 and over the past six years, we have built a portfolio of over a dozen leading African organizations working across over 20 million hectares of critical landscapes and ecosystems in four countries; helped generate or leverage roughly $4M in funding for our partners; developed a growing set of organizational support tools, methods and practices; and helped many of our partners significantly grow their work and impacts. After six years of development, learning and growth, Maliasili Initiatives is at an inflection point in our own evolution and we are looking to grow our portfolio, investments, and impacts. As key part of this next phase in our organizational development, we are looking to expand our team through the recruitment of a COO.

Organizational Development Officer

LocationNairobi, Kenya with frequent long missions in Central and West Africa.

The Organizational Development Officer is a proactive role, which is designed to support the Network Members and the EAGLE Network to succeed.  It is responsible for identifying and leading organizational development needs, undertaking personnel development both within the Network Members and across the Network and spearheading innovative initiatives that will enable the EAGLE Network to be successful in its mission to foster activism and take forward the fight against corruption.


Field Investigations Officer

Location: Nairobi, Kenya with frequent long missions in Central and West Africa.
The EAGLE Network operates in 9 African countries where it carries wildlife law enforcement operations that brought more than 1,000 traffickers to prison.The Field Investigations Officer is a new position in the Central Coordination Unit. His/her role is to elevate the field investigations level in each project, develop new trust building methods and field investigations techniques and ensure the professional level of investigators in the Network. The EAGLE Network is looking for professionals with some experience of living, travelling or working in Africa.  We are looking for individuals with strong personal engagement and internal motivation to effect change in Africa through activism, fighting wildlife crime and corruption.
Send your CV and motivation letter to


Eagle Activist

Location: 3 countries in Central and Western Africa
The EAGLE Network is looking for activists with high personal engagement for an intense training and leadership development programme. You will be motivated by the chance to bring a change, the urge to tackle the widespread corruption and to build the civil society, facing the failure of aid and the lack of justice and conviction. This highly selective program includes activism missions in 3 countries in Central and Western Africa and leadership and stress management training in field conditions.
Join us to live and operate in Sub-Saharan Africa and become a part of a new generation of independent activists. The best of the best selected will be given a life opportunity to get involved in the mission to change the corrupt system from within, to influence the power-brokers and to fight the good cause for the greater good.
You will be part of a network, given training and tools to pursue the activism path, initially in wildlife related issues and later as you choose. If you pass 6 months of volunteering with EAGLE Network, you may be integrated in our organization.
You must speak English and French, you must be over 18 and you have to have already experience with living or working in Africa.
If you are interested in applying, contact Ofir Drori at e-mail:

Project Support Officer - USG Projects

Location: TRAFFIC International, Cambridge, United Kingdom
TRAFFIC implements a diverse portfolio of work funded by a variety of donors in the government and private sector. This position provides support to the management of projects funded by US government (USG) agencies to ensure that project implementing teams operate effectively, on time and according to donor requirements. The Project Support Officer will work closely with USG Project Managers, Administrators and wider project implementation teams. The Project Support Officer is a key internal contact point for implementation and reporting issues for USG projects.
Enter USAID's CWT Case Study Compilation!
USAID announces a global case study compilation to collect lessons on an urgent global conservation challenge: how to build capacity for enforcement and prosecution to combat wildlife trafficking (CWT). We want to know what has worked, what hasn't, and everything in between.
Winning case studies will be published by USAID and featured at a CWT learning event in late 2017. Your case studies will be part of a series of peer-to-peer learning products, reaching a diverse and influential audience.
We want to hear from you! Your stories, lessons, and experiences will address such pressing questions as: What institutional arrangements have built the capacity of wildlife enforcement or prosecution staff? What's necessary for effective cooperation among different levels of government authorities? What do successful partnerships look like? What made them work?
Case studies should be submitted to by July 21, 2017.  Visit the compilation website for more information.

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