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Feed the Future Uganda Agricultural Inputs Activity Tetra Tech is Helping Grow the Agriculture Sector in Uganda

by Christin VanZant last modified Oct 10, 2017 08:10 PM
Contributors: Tetra Tech
The Feed the Future Uganda Agricultural Inputs Activity in Uganda, which is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), focused on increasing the production of maize, beans, and coffee through the appropriate use of high-quality agricultural inputs and decreasing the prevalence of counterfeit agricultural inputs, like mislabeled seeds or diluted fertilizers, in the market. To achieve these objectives, Tetra Tech worked with agricultural-input wholesalers and retailers in target districts to strengthen their capacity to provide high-quality agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, agro-chemicals, and equipment to farmers.

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To promote the project’s sustainability, Tetra Tech used an innovative market facilitation approach, empowering local actors to serve as role models in the agriculture industry and act as champions of best practices for the way agricultural inputs are bought and sold. We worked with businesses in the agricultural inputs supply chain to shift behaviors and performance from traditional, price- and product-focused trading practices towards customer-centric business strategies that solve farmers’ problems. The Agricultural Inputs Activity worked in eight key areas: anti-counterfeit, e-verification, seed quality, finance, distribution, professionalization of spray services, compliance, and climate-smart farming.



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