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Remarks by USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia Mission Director Michael Yates at the Gender Lens Investment Luncheon

by Portal Web Editor last modified Mar 17, 2015 04:30 PM
Contributors: Michael Yates
Under a new $400,000 investment, USAID will partner with Asian and U.S.-based organizations to identify key data gaps in some of the opportunities highlighted today, such as investing in women entrepreneurs in ASEAN, or investments in Indian women and girls’ impact businesses. Through additional analysis, we can better understand the long-term impacts of investments on both investors and society – and with that understanding, can work smarter, moving forward.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015
Gender Lens Investment


Greetings, all. I’d like to start by thanking sincerely panelists Boots, Su-Mei,  Leena, and Shalaka for helping us to better understand how investors, women entrepreneurs, women’s rights activists, and development practitioners are engaging in the field of gender lens investing in Asia.  They’ve helped us to better appreciate how important it is to link gender expertise with philanthropic, investment, and government funding, for the greater social good.

I read an article recently in the New York Times by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, who in her bestselling book calls on women to “lean in” at work and embrace the will to lead.  She’s also calling for a new way to advocate for gender parity.  She writes: “We need to go further and articulate why equality is not just the right thing to do for women but the desirable thing for us all.”

Today we heard about the high growth opportunities there are to invest in women entrepreneurs in the Philippines and in ASEAN, with links to regional economic growth; we learned about investments in businesses that address social impact for Indian women and girls, and what that means for overall indicators of a healthy or climate resilient community; we heard how finance can be a tool for social change; and we learned more about how investors are viewing opportunities for gender lens investing in Asia.  As a group of trendsetters, I’m struck by how much what you are already doing exactly mirrors Sheryl Sandberg’s call to action.


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