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Soliciting speakers for the No Net Loss Summit 2014

by Portal Web Editor last modified Mar 04, 2014 02:08 AM
Contributors: BBOP
We're excited to see so many of you already registering for the "To No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Beyond" Conference. A Programme Committee has been established to determine the final configuration of sessions and associated speakers. We are seeking contributors to the parallel sessions, and are particularly interested in identifying a good range of specific projects to discuss in Sessions 3 and 6 (No Net Loss and Net Gain on the Ground).
If you would like to propose a particular example, tool or idea to discuss within the current framework of the agenda (  please reply to this email by 10 March, sending an abstract of between a half and one page of text describing the key points you would like to cover.
If you are interested in presenting a particular project in which the mitigation hierarchy (including offsets) has been applied  (sessions 3 and 6), please outline very briefly key aspects such as:
  • Whether the mitigation has been planned to achieve no net loss
  • The nature of the project (i.e. sector and location), context and its stage of development, and the biodiversity (and ecosystem services) affected
  • Key stakeholder concerns / involvement
  • The measures designed and implemented to avoid and minimize impacts
  • The offset methodology used (e.g. how residual impacts were quantified - which exchange rules and metrics were used), how additionality was determined, site selection criteria
  • Conservation measures undertaken as part of the offset, (i.e. activities and location) and how the implementation is to be secured and financed
In addition to this summary of the proposed topic, please include who would be speaking and which session you have in mind.  If you happen to have an existing presentation that illustrates the topics you would propose to cover, please send that as well as your abstract (not essential).
Given the time constraints of the agenda, sessions in London will be structured around facilitated discussions with few 'presentations', but we will seek ways for people to take a few minutes to explain examples and key points.
In April and May, there will also be some opportunities to present webinars to conference participants and the broader community of practice.  This will allow more people to present and give those involved in sessions in London the opportunity to go into further detail than will be possible during the conference itself. Please let us know if you'd be interested in presenting a webinar.

After the submission deadline of 10 March, the Programme Committee will review the proposals and decide on speakers and sessions.  We plan to circulate the final agenda around the end of March.

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