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Update: RIPL Selects Ghana for Development of Socially Responsible Investment Playbooks

by Portal Web Editor last modified Oct 08, 2015 03:15 AM
Contributors: RIPL
Landesa's Responsible Investments in Property and Land (RIPL) project has selected Ghana as its second focus country for the development of how-to-guides, called "Playbooks," to support equitable and socially responsible land-related investments. The Playbooks will provide practical guidance tailored to investors, governments, and smallholders and communities to help each actor better understand and implement international best practices for land-related investment and commodity procurement, including those outlined in the Voluntary Guidelines and AU Guiding Principles.

Why Ghana?

Over the last several years, foreign and domestic investor interest in acquiring agricultural land in Ghana has grown significantly. This increase in land-based investments holds the potential for enormous benefits and risks to local people.

To realize these potential gains for the country's economic development, the Ghanaian government has prioritized attracting commercial agricultural investments, while at the same time promoting the adoption of socially responsible investment practices. In 2012, for example, the Ghana Land Commission adopted guidelines on large-scale land acquisitions. The Government is also working in partnership with donors like the World Bank to revise Ghana's legal and institutional framework around land to increase efficiency and transparency.

The RIPL project intends to support further efforts initiated by the Government of Ghana and others to operationalize international best practices and standards with its Playbooks. The Ghana Playbooks will support equitable and socially responsible land-related investments by providing each stakeholder with detailed, tailored guidance that complements the many ongoing efforts in the country.

Development of the Playbooks will be carried out in coordination with local partners and will involve extensive stakeholder consultation, analysis of various investment sectors, gender-sensitive field research, and the establishment of a Project Advisory Group, comprised of representatives from government, civil society, investors, and other stakeholder groups, to inform the Playbooks.

Looking Ahead

The Ghana Playbooks will be informed by in-country research commencing in early October with an initial scoping visit, and continuing through December 2016. Tanzania Playbook development is already underway and is also scheduled to run through December 2016.

The rich context and detail provided by the Ghana and Tanzania Playbooks will help shape the content of the Model Playbooks, which will guide new investments across the globe. Model Playbook development is scheduled to begin in late 2016.

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