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ENRM&D Training and Fellowship Opportunities

Feb 25, 2006 · Document

International Sustainable Development

UN sponsored commissions and organizations focused on the international sustainable development agenda.

Feb 25, 2006 · Document

Freshwater, Coastal and Fisheries, Aquaculture

Links related to water resources and use, water delivery systems, aquaculture, mariculture, integrated coastal and watershed management.

Feb 25, 2006 · Document

Forest Conservation and Management; Products, Markets and Services

Links related to forest conservation and management; forest people and livelihood; forest products and services, sector analysis, markets and trade, and policy.

Feb 25, 2006 · Document

Karen Carney's bio and contact info

Contact information: USAID/EGAT/NRM Forest Team, Room 3.08. 1300 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. Washington, DC. 20523. Phone 1-202-712-1407. Email:

Feb 25, 2006 · Document

Glossary for Natural Resource Management


Feb 25, 2006 · Document

Curriculum Vitae


Feb 24, 2006 · Document

About Us

About the Green Highways Consortium, and how we do business.

Feb 22, 2006 · Document

Terms of Use

Terms of use of the USAID Natural Resources Management & Development Portal.

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USAID Privacy Policy

Feb 07, 2006 · News Item

New Forest Treaty Agreed

by Portal Web Editor — Jan 10, 2013 07:42 AM

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN, 31 January 2006: Negotiators in Geneva have agreed on a new treaty that will reinforce work to bring tropical forests under sustainable management and increase the role of the tropical timber trade in sustainable development.

Sep 13, 2005 · News Item

Animal Indicators

by webadmin — Jun 10, 2014 10:09 PM

IPAM Publication: "Animal Indicators: a Tool to Assess Biotic Integrity After Logging Tropical Forests?"

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