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by Rose Hessmiller last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:47 AM
smart folder news
ADVISORY: Kenya to Announce Restoration Commitment and Launch National Opportunity Maps by Christin VanZant — last modified Sep 06, 2016 05:39 PM
Landscape restoration is a great opportunity for Kenya’s people and lands, and builds on the tradition of the Green Belt Movement. Trees play an important role in landscapes, helping to provide multiple ecosystem services such as stabilizing soils, providing important habitat for wildlife, as well as keeping soils fertile for agricultural use. By introducing more trees into landscapes through landscape restoration, whether as natural forests or as mixed agroforestry systems, and through better land management practices, degradation can be reversed, reestablishing restoring productivity and resilience. Kenya is the first African country to do a comprehensive national restoration opportunity assessment that was then used to inform their commitment to the Bonn Challenge and AFR100. The assessment is reflected in the National Opportunity Maps that will launch at the event.
FRAMEgram: Sustainable Land Use and Land Management - November 2014 by Rachel Stallings — last modified Sep 01, 2015 04:25 PM
Greetings! This month's FRAMEgram focuses on sustainable landscapes, land use and land management.
Strong Camaraderie Helps Water Running in Keutapang by Irfan Toni Herlambang — last modified Jan 10, 2013 12:00 PM
The construction of a water facility has tested the solidarity and camaraderie of Keutapang people. The results are really something to be proud of.
Release: Degraded Land in Latin America Could Yield Billions if Restored, Shows New Report by Christin VanZant — last modified Nov 02, 2016 06:37 PM
New analysis shows that restoration of degraded and deforested land represents a major investment opportunity for governments, investors, farmers and landowners.
East Java communities show the power of working together by Christin VanZant — last modified Nov 02, 2016 06:38 PM
Communities in the mountains and rainforests of the East Java regency of Probolinggo are forging ahead in Indonesia’s battle against deforestation and destruction of natural forests.
Making Blue Swimming Crab Fishing Sustainable in Vietnam by Christin VanZant — last modified Nov 02, 2016 06:40 PM
Many locals rely on fishing for these crabs as a source of income. But, as one fisher noted, it’s grown more and more difficult to earn a living this way in recent years. As international demand for the meat from this crab grows, so too does the number of box trap and bottom-gillnet fishers swooping into the region from other provinces to get a share of the profit. And without proper regulations and detailed data, overharvesting the crab population is a very real threat.
Calculating A Fair Deal For Brazil’s Coffee Farmers by Christin VanZant — last modified Mar 16, 2017 04:52 PM
Brazilian coffee farmers earn a wage that keeps them above the poverty line, but still just below the region’s living wage benchmark, a new report has found.
Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group Career Opportunities March 2017 by Christin VanZant — last modified Mar 16, 2017 05:02 PM
The Nature Conservancy - Chief of Party Endangered Ecosystems of Northern Tanzania The Jane Goodall Institute - Associate Director of Operations, Vienna HQ The Jane Goodall Institute - Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Vienna, Virginia African Wildlife Foundation - Project Manager, Tsavo, Kenya WCS - Niassa National Reserve Law Enforcement Advisor, Mozambique WCS - Madagascar Marine Scientific Advisor, Madagascar USFS/IP - Central Africa Communications Specialist, Kinshasa, DRC IUCN - Wildlife Trade Data Analyst, Pretoria, South Africa
High-Level Virtual Roundtable on CBNRM Policy in Southern Africa by Rachel Stallings — last modified Jun 10, 2015 11:07 PM
In June 2013, USAID’s Capitalizing Knowledge, Connecting Communities hosted an online High-Level CBNRM Policy Roundtable with policy-makers and influencers in Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Namibia to share the results from the 4-year CBNRM stocktaking assessment process and to discuss the potential for integrating CBNRM approaches into national development strategies, plans and policies.
RIPL: A How-To for Responsible Investment in Tanzania by Portal Web Editor — last modified Jul 19, 2015 06:07 PM
Landesa's Responsible Investments in Property and Land (RIPL) project has selected Tanzania as its first focus country for the development of "Playbooks" to support equitable and socially responsible land-related investments. The Playbooks will serve as "how-to" guides for investors, governments, and communities engaged in land acquisition and commodity procurement to help each actor better understand and implement international best practices, such as those outlined in the Voluntary Guidelines and AU Guiding Principles.
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